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“We will be back” assure sabhas in the city

In the world of drama, the month of April has always been synonymous with the Kodai Nataka Vizha. Last year, Koothapiran Navabharath Theaters (KNT), and its artists won many awards at the fest. This year the fest was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though let down, the sabhas are hopeful to be back with a bang soon. Ratnam Koothapiram, from KNT, spoke to the various sabhas in Tamil Nadu and has released a video with voices from various sabha secretaries. “Sabas have always been a pillar for the development of Performing Arts. In the olden days, there were 100 - 200 sabhas. But now there are only a handful. I thus asked the secretaries of the sabhas to share their views and comments about this situation,” says Ratnam.

R.Sundar, Hamsadwhani, Adyar, also spoke and said, “Let us not forget that we must support and breathe positivity so that humanity overcomes this pandemic quickly. Hamsadhwani will bounce back in action with renewed vigour after the government issues guidelines on public gatherings. Hand sanitizers will greet you along with masks and social distancing. But we must not allow cultural distancing because the artistes' fraternity has done a tremendous job in giving and providing positivity through their entertainment programmes which have come to our living rooms through various technology platforms.” He also requests and encourages sabhas and the people to support other artistes behind the stage, who have lost their livelihood in this pandemic.

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