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Thiruvanmiyur market is back, with a change in venue

After a brief hiatus, the Thiruvanmiyur market was back on May 19. While the old market has been closed, new ones have been erected at the open ground adjacent to it. The market is also divided into two sections now. While 36 shops are erected at the open ground. Another 36 are on the East and North Mada Street at Thiruvanmiyur.

The new market is more organised with tin sheets, elevated counters and poles have been placed as rails to control the queue. “Previously there were 106 shops inside the old market. Currently we have been given 72 shops to open. We now have 36 here in the open ground and another 36 around the kulam. The Corporation asked us to shift our remaining shops near Indira Nagar water tank, but we refused,” explains Market Shiva, the Vice-president of the association at Thiruvanmiyur Market. The new system was built at a cost of Rs.7L, paid by the market association, he adds.

Of the 22 members who tested positive for Corona, 4 of them have returned to do business. The rest of them are still under home quarantine. Shops have yet not been allotted to those who have not yet returned. Another around 15 are not doing business out of fear, informs Shiva.

Only half of the stalls seem to be occupied, and the available vendors shouted out about their products to a largely absent crowd. “It has been just 2 days since we opened, business is yet to pick up. It will increase slowly,” says a confident Shiva.

He also informs that the families that have been unable to do business at this time have been offered financial help from the association. He also points out that the Corporation and the Police have both been very helpful in understanding their issues and were cooperative to come to a common resolution. When asked if the new system would become a norm and would continue over time, he affirms and says, “Yes, this does look good. We shall continue with this system.”

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