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The purpose of lockdown lost

A lockdown from 6 am. to 9 pm from April 26 to 29 was announced by the Tamilnadu Government as a cautionary measure to prevent community spreading of COVID 19. But all the damage has been done today on April 25 itself.

A look at the picture of Thiruvanmiyur market today is proof of this statement. The same story goes at all the shops, big and small, in the city where people had to stand for two hours in a long queue, (definitely not one metre apart). At a shop in Adyar there was a small war of words when the guy lost his temper and threw the ladies’ mobile phone on the floor. The shops were emptied of stock and the last few in the line had no choice but to grab the remaining food. One lady went as early as 8 am to buy chicken but returned with only the children (eggs).

Where is the social distancing, where are the masks?

It is a clear case of hoarding food where fear of Covid caution is thrown to the winds and of non-availability of food has gripped the people. It is a case of Food over Fear. The lockdown announced to suppress the pandemic ended up in a pandemonium today.

What could and should have been done is to plan grocery and vegetable supply vans in every ward at each zone, for 2 hours in the morning through the lockdown period. The information of the vehicles can be shared with the public through news channels, publications and social media platforms. People will not panic and it will be more orderly. No one will rush to stock things if it is surely available the next day.

Educating the people surely takes time, but that is the challenge here. The virus is here to stay if people do not understand and cooperate.

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