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Small talk; big impact

American sociologist, W. E. B. Du Bois, once said, “Children learn more from what you are, than what you teach.” Residents of Zone 13 are surely setting an example to their children by involving them in a gesture to appreciate the conservancy staff of the Zone. Adyar Times spoke with some of the children who prepared beautiful greeting cards for the conservancy staff and here is what they said:

Aryaman Gupta, 11 years

I feel humbled by the sincere dedication of the support staff. They are risking their own life for society. I will remain grateful to them forever. Serving them food or a ‘Thank-You-Note’ is the least I could do for our new Heroes. COVID 19 taught us important lessons. I learned that

A. we can live with basic supplies.

B. Family and neighbours are first.

C. Hygiene lessons will go a long way.

D. No work is small. One should not laugh at others.

Ananya Ganesh, 14 years

Their time and service means a lot to us and we should be grateful to them. Without their help, we cannot stay at home to keep ourselves safe.

Akshara Ganesh, 11 years

Try to imagine a world without Akka’s and Anna’s to help keep our society clean. It will be a mess. So we are thankful to them for helping us.

Samyukta, 10 years

I feel this is a kind of thanksgiving for conservancy workers who help us keep the streets clean. It shows we care for them and hope they are happy too.

Arianna, 8 years

I feel it is really nice for us to appreciate all those who are helping us in these difficult times, especially the conservancy workers.I was very happy when my mama told me to make them a thank you card. I think Corona is a dangerous virus. It can be fought by keeping social distance and by keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean. And the conservancy workers help us do that! I want to say a big thank you to them for keeping my earth clean while putting themselves at risk too. I have written a small message for them in Tamil with the help of my nanny so that they can understand my card well.

Srinika, 7 years

I feel happy to give them cards because they help us even during Coronavirus. They come and clean our street and help keep our society clean. So tell them ‘Thank you!’, my friends and I made plenty of cards as a gift for them and to make them happy.

B.Nanditha, 11 Years

I feel that it is important that we make them feel good by doing small acts of kindness. This can bring big changes in their lives. The work they do is much more valuable than ours because they take care of the community and serve us.

Varsha, 7 years

I felt very happy while making the cards. It is a way of thanking the conservancy workers who work for us even during the pandemic. And I would like to thank Janani athai who gave us this special idea.

Aarna, 12 years and Ajitesh, 4 years

The gratitude card was a wonderful opportunity to thank our conservatory staff who are putting their heart and souls during this difficult time and circumstances and cleaning our surroundings to keep clean and safe. This card symbolises our gratitude for them.

A big Thank You and Salute to all our frontline workers! Together we stand united like the strong tree bringing in winds of change!

Mahi, 13 years and Som, 8 years

We appreciate the work put in by the conservancy staff to keep our environment clean, especially during this time. Their work involves maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of infection. While everyone else is mostly at home, they are working hard, and without their work, things would be difficult for all of us. Thank you to them all.

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