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Rising above the crisis - Valmiki Nagar paves the way!

Updated: Apr 21

Valmiki Nagar has set an example of how a community as a whole can rise above a circumstance and touch many lives. Comprising the 4 Seaward Roads, Balakrishna Road and Rajagopalan Street, the residents undertook multiple initiatives to help the poor around.

Chithra, a resident, who had been stitching masks for many NGOs, also stitched masks for the conservancy staff of their locality. 40 masks were provided for the conservancy staff including the Conservancy inspector (CI). “We provided two masks for each person so they can wash and wear them alternatively,” said Jayanthi, a resident of 4th Seaward Road.

The residents also pooled in to provide provisions for 14 workers, including the supervisors who were overseeing the waste segregation in their locality. Few of the residents also provided buttermilk and tea for them. Apart from this, the residents also provided breakfast, lunch and dinner to 25 helpless people near Marundeeswarar temple everyday.

“We were providing food from the day of the lockdown but had to suspend it from Apr.14 due to the government's direction,” explained Jayanthi. Despite having to discontinue, the residents keep a tab to make sure that these people are provided food regularly.The community also organised a talk on safety which was given by Dr.Wahida, a resident there.

“All residents realise the importance of our staff especially during this time. There are doctors, and people working in essential services, but none deal with the possible disease everyday. Wherever they go, they are recognised and respected. And thus all contributed generously. The contribution came more easily for their own conservancy workers, because there is a connection,” said Jayanthi.


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