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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

As the nation-wide lockdown came into force, here are some of the views from the neighbourhood:

Rajeswari, Kasturba Nagar: On regular days, I can hear the crow caw. But it is only from this week that I am able to hear the other birds and the music is so refreshing in the morning. This is also the first time that I can hear the prayers from the mosque on L.B.Road.

Ranjani, Indira Nagar: Whenever we drove on roads, we were always focused on the traffic and the potholes. Since the lockdown, I peek out of the window and I now see so many different things on the road that I had missed earlier - like the graffiti, the new paint on the opposite apartment, the tile pattern of the pedestrian, etc.

Siraj Banu, Vannandurai: Being a working mom, I never really found time for the house. This lockdown has been a major opportunity for me to get up a little late, cook a variety while being relaxed and spend time with my children.

Rohan, Kotturpuram: We have been talking about pollution for so long but never took action. These 21 days can be a good breather for the environment as many types of pollution would drastically come down. The lockdown has set a precedent that we ‘can’ if we ‘will’. The government must thus have such lockdowns often - probably monthly for nature to recuperate.

Evan, Gandhi Nagar: I have been working from home this whole week. Though I have worked from home earlier as well, I am liking it this time because I am able to also spend time with my whole family in a relaxed manner. The peace around has impacted my family in a positive way.

Lakshminarayanan, Kottivakkam: I have 2 boys and it is difficult to contain them at home. This lockdown has not given us any option but to find innovative ways to keep the boys engaged. With my wife and me working from home, it has also brought us closer with better coordination on this front.

Janani, Thiruvanmiyur: With so much emphasis on cleanliness outside, what’s the point if we don’t take this concept within the house. I am thus using this lockdown period to clean my house. And no one at home is spared from it. Everyone including children contributes towards this, thus bringing in a lot of family time.

Lavanya, Sastri Nagar: I have not been able to go back to my home at Nellore because of travel issues. Though locked up, I am taking this time to binge-watch all that I have missed, reflect on myself, setting up my priorities in life, work on my hobby - playing guitar, while also spending a good time studying for courses that I plan to take this year.

Siddharth, Besant Nagar: Being engaged in the healthcare industry, with the lockdown, I do find commuting a big issue. Previously I used to take public transport or services like Ola and Uber to get to work. Now with the shutdown, I have to rely on someone to take me to and fro. Fortunately, with the roads free from traffic, I reach my destination in no time. It would be great, if, post these 21 days, the government allows only public transport on the roads and only on select days private vehicles. This will force everyone to use public transport, keep the roads free and solve many issues like the one on Loop Road.

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