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Real Akshaya Tritiya

Today, April 26th of 2020 is Akshaya Tritiya, an occasion to invite prosperity into our homes. It seems like yesterday when the same was celebrated and Adyar Times was filled with advertisements of discounts and freebies from jewellers, cashing in on the tradition. Actually no one above the age of 50 remembers anything like this in their days. The mad rush to buy at least a silver ornament or a platinum band according to their affordability was a sure thing one did, even if they doubted the belief. No one wants to be left out when Goddess Lakshmi opens her eyes and scans all those in the jewellery shops, picking up those who are going to be given a golden shower that year.

Some who really could not compete with the madness of buying gold, or were angry at this superstition started the theory that it is enough to distribute curd rice that day. Oh! That day all the maids and watchmen and drivers were given curd rice which they took with them to stand in the queue outside the shops to buy silver coins.

I too was tempted by my sister and ventured one day. The hall was already full and we somehow were pushed and jostled and sucked inside. I felt like a sardine fish packed in a can. The lack of oxygen hit me and the next thing I knew I was leaning at an angle on someone’s shoulder. There was no space to faint and fall. Someone sprinkled water, an employee offered tea and I could slowly see that my sister was not very happy. She paid for the tea and bundled me into an auto and we headed home. I was resting and smiling to myself when she murmured that she bought only a cup of tea for Akshaya Tritiya this year. If her Faith is strong why does she not believe she will become rich enough by next year to buy a tea estate!!! I did not dare tell her that.

Today there is a total change in scenario. Gold is not the attraction. All our spiritual leaders have been constantly telling us that we have to be thankful to God to wake up to another day. Our life is our most precious gift from God. Not the “Owner’s pride, Neighbour’s envy” luxuries we have. Contentment in life is the key to happiness. With the global threat of the virus shaking the core of our being, we are humbled for all our acts against Nature and the Environment.

This Akshaya Tritiya we are alive because God has given us a new lease of life. Let’s be thankful for that. Let us celebrate life not luxury.

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