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Rare bird nests at the cricket ground

The empty Gandhi Nagar Cricket and Sports Club ground has given way to a vast nesting ground to a rare bird - Lapwing. When the bird laid its first eggs, they soon went missing, either swallowed by reptiles or mishandled by the hooligans. However, the bird soon laid another batch of eggs and the same is now under the watchful eyes of the ground caretakers. Lapwings breed between mid-March and July.

They nest on spring-tilled arable land or on short grassland with a low stocking rate. Arable nesting birds often walk their chicks onto grazed pasture to feed. Lapwings feed mainly on earthworms, leatherjackets, insects and their larvae. They generally feed where they can find lots of these, such as in grazed pasture. Wet grassland is a particularly important source of food.

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