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Quick chat with RDC, South

Adyar Times on Apr.14 caught up with Dr.Alby John Varghese, RDC, South, for a quick chat to get updates on the situation:

How is the situation in Zone 13?

We have 20 cases of Corona in the South zone of the 205 in total. We cannot let our guard off and shall continue to do our best in the next 20 days.

Has there been any information on the Red, Amber and Green zones within Chennai?

No, we are not having that now. We are having 2500 containment zones and are watching for more. We have taken a 4 pronged approach:

  1. Active surveillance - where we go to residences and check;

  2. Passive surveillance - when we expect the public to come to us for checkup;

  3. Securing areas - securing areas of suspected cases

  4. Communication - active communication with the public

About migrants, the government has stated that they would be given rations, do they need to provide any ID card?

No, rations are being given free of cost to them and we will continue to do so.

We have heard that the migrants, while they have got rations, do not have the means to cook food. Is anything going to be done for that?

This issue has not been brought to my notice. If people reach out to me with issues, we would work towards resolving them. Till now, we have reached out to 3500 beneficiaries and even provided them with clothes and blankets. So, if anything is brought to our notice, we are there to help.

Is there any way that the migrants can go home?

The decision on transportation for the migrants is Corporations’. It is for the government to do that. Currently there is no transport available, we can however help them stay safe where they are.

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