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  • Hello Kids Pre-school is conducting online sessions for children - ‘It’s my story time’, ‘My home gym’, ‘Little foodies’, ‘Our culture and values’, ‘family playtime’ and ‘my home art centre’. For more details visit www.hellokids.co.in

‘Happymom’ has come up with online sessions for expecting couples and new parents on natural birthing, vaginal birth after c -section, and for breastfeeding and complementary foods. Join Jayashree (@Jayashreejayakrishnan) on Instagram live at 4 pm every day, Facebook live at 11 am every Sunday. For more details visit Happymom.in.

Happy Mom guides the expectant parents to a deeper understanding of the physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of birth, which provides a multi-sensory, holistic approach to childbirth education.

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