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OMR doing better than ECR?

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Dipankar Ghoshe, Human ‘e’ Connect, and a resident of Palavakkam points out that this pandemic highlights the implementable mitigation policies of the government. “How prepared are we to face natural disasters, considering the fact that its frequency has increased since this decade,” he questions.

He also called attention to the contrasting communities of ECR and OMR and the fact that OMR was doing much better during the lockdown than the ECR. With ECR having independent houses and OMR with apartment complexes, procurement of supplies was managed better by communities on OMR through cooperation. “There is no association or a community-coming-together on the ECR. Everyone fends for themselves here. While on the OMR, the residents are bound by their residence to an apartment complex, stimulating coordination and cooperation,” he explains.

Many apartments on OMR contacted suppliers who could arrange for vegetables and provisions on specified days of the week and the same to be distributed at the parking lot of the apartments while still maintaining a distance of 6 feet among each other. Contract this to a visit to the fish market on ECR, which even now is crowded, he adds.

Using messaging tools like Whatsapp, communities talk about sharing wifis and having a community kitchen for the elderly or those who cannot or are unable to cook, he mentioned.

True that!

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