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OMR apartment sets trend in CORONA precautions

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

It's said, ‘If we don't all row, the boat won't go’. Residents of the TVH Park Villa, Thoraipakkam, really believed in this. M.N.Prakash, the ex-president of the apartment complex, explains how all the residents came together to keep each other safe during this pandemic.

“Before I even start, let me underline that anything wouldn’t have been possible without the understanding and cooperation of the residents of this apartment complex,” starts Prakash.

He elaborates the four-pronged approach taken by them to enforce social distancing, and effective communication.

  1. Communication being the backbone of any strategy, the residents decided that no unverified information or any information unrelated to the apartment is posted on the common Whats App group. Residents thus sent all the information for validation before for posting them in the group. Thus keeping fake news at bay.

  2. Precaution started much earlier at this apartment complex. From 1st week of March, the complex banned the entry of visitors and guests. Anyone who came from overseas was asked to inform Prakash and self-quarantine themselves. A rapid action group was formed wherein volunteers brought supplies for those under quarantine. Simultaneously, everyone was asked to wear masks and the play area was closed for children.

  3. All home deliveries were stopped at the entry gate and residents had to collect them from the security. Residents were asked to place the order with the service providers on Whats App mentioning their block and apartment number. Block wise delivery at the car park was organised where residents kept a distance of at least 6 feet. The service provider would fill the residents bag which was kept separately.

  4. Sanitizers were placed at the gates for all to use. The security and conservancy staff were taught to use the sanitizers and service providers who entered the apartment had to also use it to be allowed inside the premises. The security staff were also reduced and kept to the minimum and were provided with food by the residents.

Prakash says, “All the residents understand the goal and are focused on it and hence have kept the COVID out. Similarly, if the public can understand the government’s measures and cooperate, we can break the chain and come out of this soon.”

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