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IVRS launched for COVID-19

Tamil Nadu Health Department along with Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency, IIT-Madras and Department of Telecom, Govt. of India, launched an IVRS (interactive voice response system) to collect COVID-19 data from non-smartphone users in the state.

The advantage of this IVRS system is that it does not require an internet connection and it works in simple, easy to understand, question-answer mode. Most importantly people can converse in their mother tongue. People can give a missed call to 94999 12345. The system calls them back and asks simple questions and based on the reply they get; it would give them appropriate advice on COVID-19.

People can provide information on their health status if they had conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. After analyzing the caller’s location and symptoms, the information would be transferred for further action. The system is connected to the emergency control room which will provide arrangements if the caller requires any medical attention.

Based on the symptoms mentioned by the callers and their location, they would be categorized as low-risk beneficiaries, medium-risk beneficiaries, and high-risk beneficiaries. Low-risk-beneficiaries would be given health advice on handwashing, physical distancing and keeping surroundings clean; the emergency control room would provide required medical assistance medium-risk beneficiaries and disease prevention and control measures would be carried out through the control room for high-risk category persons.

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