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Inadequate awareness on hygiene even at this time!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I went to a well known medical shop on MG Road to pick up medicines. There was a male customer who was struggling with a running nose, dabbing it hard with what seemed like a much-abused handkerchief. With the kerchief held in his right palm, he stooped across the glass-topped counter, picked up medicine bottles and inspected them. I counted 6 potentially infected bottles!

Next to me was a lady with a baby in arm specifying what she wanted, swiped her card, etc. Why do people take children at this time? Next came a young staff member, dutifully bent down to remove the velcro strap from his sandal using both his hands, removed them and went behind the counter checking the orders. I was horrified at all this.

Everyone blares “Use sanitizers, disinfect this, wash that…”

Where are we? I pinched myself cynically. We are all in Chennai!

- N.V.Chandrasekharan, Sastri Nagar.

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