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IIT Madras designs PPEs from 3D printers

On Apr.30, IIT announced that they have supplied the initial batches of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) made from 3D printers and common stationary material, to frontline workers and are in the process of scaling-up for mass production for hospitals and clinics across the country, at affordable rates.

The 3D-printed Face Shields and Intubation Boxes were developed by Fabheads Automation and Axis Defence Labs - IIT Madras-incubated start-ups.

The seven-day face shields pack, which consists of one headgear and one visor, costs Rs. 210; 15-day pack costs Rs. 400; and the 30 days pack costs 750. Axis Defence Labs is using most of the profits for providing these face shield packs to those with limited resources. For every three packs sold, they are looking to provide at least one pack to those who need them but cannot afford them.

Features of the Fabheads Intubation Box include:

  • The Intubation Box is made up of Acrylic / Polycarbonate material, which provides excellent transparency and durability for the procedure.

  • The Intubation box is easy to sanitize, hence it can be reused.

  • It is light to carry and provides doctors easy access to patients via two big holes.

  • The box has a three-degree slant on side edges, making it stackable, hence easy to transport and store.

  • The box size is slightly bigger than the other designs. This allows the box usage on a wider variety of patients who may be taller or broader.

  • The box provides a clear view of all sides of the patient with minimum glare

  • The Intubation box holes can even be fitted with attached gloves, which minimize doctor’s contact with the patient further.

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