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Headgear to save people

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Meet Gowtham, the man behind the corona inspired helmets that are being sported by the traffic cops and other police officials, to encourage people to stay home.

“A look at the helmet invokes fear in you, the exact reaction I was aiming for when I came with this idea. Many don't adhere to the rules of the lockdown and are going around the city fearlessly. I want people to understand how dangerous this Virus is. The cops understood my intention and they welcomed the idea by sporting while manning the checkpoints,” says the 27-year old artist of ‘Art Kingdom’

Following the helmet, Gowtham went on to design the ‘Corona Warrior’ that is used by the police officials at crowded places, markets, and shops to raise awareness among the public.

Both the helmet and warrior were created using recycled products as Gowtham believes in Recycling and runs a movement called ‘Walk for Plastic’ to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Gowtham is also known for his famous art installations made using plastic waste and recycled projects. View Gowtham's works at twitter.com/kinggowtham or www.facebook.com/artkingdomorgg/

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