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Green Guardian award for Shobha Menon

Shobha Menon, Founder Trustee, Nizhal, was presented with the Green Guardian Award by Nina Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Hotel Savera, as part of the ‘Green Goddesses’. Keeping up with the lockdown, the event was conducted over Instagram Live on June 27.

Speaking on the occasion, Shobha elaborated about the evolution of Nizhal, the necessity of trees in the city, and the importance of planting indigenous trees. “We don’t need to be experts on trees, we only need to love trees,” she said. She also narrated the joy experienced by the visually challenged and hearing challenged people when they experience the trees.

Currently, Shobha said that Nizhal was working on the greening of all the MRTS stations now; and for this, they are connecting and involving the local residents of the area. Nizhal is also involved in greening the Institute of Mental Health, Kilpauk, along with their involvement with organic farmers. Shobha also discussed the benefits reaped by organic farmers.

While talking on the challenges, she said, “There is a lot of apathy from the community. Everyone thinks that social work is when they do something for someone else. But it is not so. Social work is work for themselves. There is a need to understand this.”

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