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For the Children, by the Children

Inklink Charitable Trust along with UNICEF has developed an illustrated children - friendly booklet containing information about COVID 19, in Tamil.

The booklet contains illustrations envisaged by the children from Kannagi Nagar and they were able to sketch down their ideas with Dr.Kaustav Sengupta and Shaswathi Sengupta of Inklink Trust, guiding them throughout the process, via video calls.

“The initiative had a dual purpose - adolescents and young people were not only actively engaged in developing the booklet but were informed and educated on various aspects of hygiene practices and social distancing; this can enable a ripple effect. UNICEF partnered with Inklink Charitable Trust to work with children to develop a child-friendly version on understanding Covid19, ways to prevent it from spreading, assuring children not to be stressed and scared,” stated UNICEF.

“The booklet is designed similar to a comic to make it an interesting read for children.

Carrying the imagination of Children from Kannagi Nagar, the booklet has been receiving commendable support from many schools. The booklet has been forwarded to the state education department and will be circulated to all government and private schools. We are also planning to come up with a booklet on ‘Discrimination’,” says Kaustav.

The Pdf version of the booklet can be downloaded at https://www.unicef.org/india/media/3146/file/COVID-Booklet.pdf

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