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FOMRRA shows how we can help while still at home

Relief work becomes special when a whole community comes together. The RWAs of FOMRRA have volunteered to pack the ration kits and sanitary kits for Bhoomika Trust. These kits are given across Chennai to migrants who are living in the midst of other communities. Many of them are daily wage earners working in carpentry, tile laying, painting, security jobs, etc. The ration kits include 10 kg rice, two kinds of dal, oil, and spices; Sanitation kits include 2 soaps, one detergent bar, and 2 masks.

“We thought it would be a great way to have communities support this initiative and we instantly thought of FOMRRA. They have always been in the forefront as a responsible community, with their rainwater harvesting practices and book exchange initiatives. This is a wonderful way for us to showcase how even gated communities are coming together to support the needy. The residents have done the packing so diligently in record time. 2000 Ration kits were packed by 20 volunteers at Hiranandani in about 8-10 hrs. Similarly, 6000 Sanitation kits were packed by about 50-60 volunteers at Central Park (South, East, and West) in 8 hrs. It was a heartwarming sight to see the young and senior citizens come together to do this task for us at a critical time,” says Aruna Subramaniam from Bhoomika Trust.

“Residents from Central Parks (East, West, and South), Hiranandani (All towers), Sabari Terrace, Casa Grande Cherry Pick, Akshaya Adora have volunteered in packing the kits. In order to minimize the interaction between flat members, we came up with time-slots and allotted a family for each slot. The residents adhered to all the safety precautions throughout the process,” said Harsha Koda and Prabha Koda, Coordinators, FOMRRA.

Prabha Koda added, “FOMRRA has always been about ‘proactive action’ and when Bhoomika Trust reached out to us we were more than happy to help. It gave us an opportunity to contribute to society at large. We OMR residents are all more or less 'migrants', with very few native madrasis here, so we can very much identify with what the migrants are going through.”

“Bhoomika Trust considers this initiative as a catalyst to keep creating such meaningful partnerships to get communities involved and interlinked. We are truly grateful to Harsha Koda and his team for their quick response and support. We are going to continue with relief work for a while and will be reaching a few villages with daily wage earners and we will look up to FOMRRA to support us as they have done now,” concludes Aruna.

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