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BigBasket collaborates with Corporation

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

BigBasket has collaborated with the Corporation to provide vegetables and provisions to the residents at various locations in Zone 13 during this period of lockdown. The vegetables and provisions are sold as packages.

Vegetables include: carrots - 500 gms, chilis - 100 gms, lemon - 250 gms, ladies finger - 250 gms, onion - 1 kg, potato - 1 kg, country tomatoes - 1 kg, radish - 500 gms, drumstick - 100 gms, cabbage - 1 pc, brinjal - 500 gms; and cost Rs.300.

Provisions include: whole wheat Aashirvaad atta - 1 kg, Big Basket toor /arhar dal - 1 kg, Bigbasket Urad gota whole - 1 kg, Gold Winner refined sunflower oil - 1 lts, BigBasket Ponni raw rice - 1 kg, Tata salt - 1 kg, Bigbasket roasted rava / sooji - 500 gms, BigBasket sugar - 1 kg, Red Label tea - 100 gms, BigBasket mustard - 100 gms, BigBasket turmeric powder - 100 gms, BigBasket chilli powder - 100 gms; costing Rs.700.

Each truck can serve approximately 360 packages. Following the overwhelming responses from the residents, Big Bazaar officials have said that they will also modify the package based on suggestions collected. “This week we did the soft launch of the truck. Though we have been asked by the Corporation to do it throughout the city, we tested our waters from Zone 13. We are still working on expanding this to the city as it would require more manpower, vehicle permits, etc.,” said Munirajan, a marketing official with BigBasket.

Though a schedule is not yet in place on the truck availability, the trucks are stationed at various strategic locations every day for 1 hour each. Customers can reach out to your RWAs or ward AEs to know the time the truck would be available in your locality.

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