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All the world’s a stage - Part 2

Adyar Times also spoke with one of the stage artistes, Anuradha Kannan, who was part of Komal Theatre’s Manitha Uravugal, on her acting experience in quarantine…

How did you prepare for the story?

Dharini Komal from Komal Theater group had prepared everything and given it to us. Right from where we need to look and how we need to look - each and every detail was mentioned in the script. We also had rehearsals over the phone with her. We just needed to enact that.

The shooting was done on our mobile phones. Each line was taken as a cut. Our family members actually took our shots.

During stage performance, you converse with other artists. Here, you are actually conversing with no one. How was that feeling?

Yes, on stage, we work with visual cues. But here there were no cues on what to do next, so definitely it was difficult. I had to imagine that I was talking to someone.

But the most difficult part was being ‘camera shy’ with family members. My family members have never seen me on stage before at least 10 rehearsals and this was the first time they were there throughout my journey and not to forget the fact that my husband was shooting the video. So it was strange.

Do you think that dramas going online is the next ‘in-thing’? Would you be continuing?

This may be the next ‘in-thing’ and probably the future too, but there is nothing like performing on stage. We want to go back to the stage because for any creative person performing on the stage is the enthusiasm and the claps and applause at the end of a performance is the reward. All artistes perform for the reward. This venture is just an opportunity to keep ourselves busy and lighten the mood.

Anuradha is a resident of Besant Nagar and can be reached at 044 - 2491 1142.

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