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Adyar Head Post office not working

As sent to the Finance Minister, India:

Madam, You have announced that all post offices will be functioning with limited staff.

Chennai Adyar post office has not been functioning since 22 March. Staff have closed the post office from inside and are not responding to our calls.

Senior citizens depend on the post office to draw money from our savings bank accounts wherein Senior citizen deposit scheme interest is credited.

We can understand postal delivery services being temporarily stopped to avoid spreading of Coronavirus. But can you stop withdrawal from savings bank accounts and related financial transactions. Here I would like to mention that less than 5% of savings bank account holders of post offices have debit cards to withdraw from other bank ATMs. In rural areas the situation will be worse. Grievance redressal system in the post office is awfully bad. Hence we appeal to you to interfere and do the needful.

- P.R.Hariharasubramanian, Kasturba Nagar.


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