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A lock down outing experience

An interesting incident happened on Apr.20 morning when I was returning home from the grocer's (Yes, my nose and mouth was covered with a homemade mask, I was safely distanced from people too).

I was just ahead of the Adyar bus stand, walking just opposite Ambika Appalam Depot, when a car took a right turn and went past me. Something fell from the bottom of the car, I was surprised to see it was a black mobile.

I hurriedly picked the cell phone and stepped aside. The car stopped at a distance and the driver got out and was searching for something. I waved, but he didn't look in my direction. I stopped a passing motorcyclist and told him to tell the car driver that his mobile had fallen off. I wasn’t sure what he conveyed, for, the driver of the car merely looked past me, took a right and went on.

Dismayed, I decided to hand the gadget to the patrolling police. No sooner than I walked a few yards, I got a call on the said mobile. It was the mobile owner. I explained what happened. In reply he mentioned that the motorcyclist had told him that his relative was calling him, and that was the reason he had merely looked past, even though I waved to him. “I'll be there in two minutes ma'am, he said,” he said as I gave him the landmark of my location. Soon, he came over, took his mobile, thanked me and left.

After passing on biscuits to the gypsies who were on the pavement, I walked home wondering how the mobile had slipped from the bottom of the car. I am still puzzled!

- Hema Ravi, Gandhi Nagar.

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