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A community comes together to serve conservancy workers

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The Corporation conservancy workers generally start their day in the wee hours that continue till around 2 pm. So as soon as the shops and eateries open in the morning, the workers take some time off for breakfast. But with the national lockdown, the workers went hungry till they finished their work.

On coming to know of their plight, members of Residents of Kasturba Nagar Association (ROKA), formed a schedule for providing breakfast every day to the workers. But it didn’t end there. The members wanted to make sure that they get a wholesome nutritious breakfast. They also tried not to repeat the same breakfast for the next couple of days. A comprehensive chart was thus prepared for it.

Janani, secretary of ROKA and the person who initiated this concept, said, “It was about how we can make these days a different experience for them. I’m sure this is a one-off case, but how best we can make use of it the people around us?”

With the breakfast menu that includes pooris, rava pongal, idly vadai with Chettinad kara chutney, etc, along with tea/coffee and buttermilk, it also left many residents mouth-watering.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, and so does any good initiative,” added Alagu, one of the volunteers. Janani also shares an anecdote here, “Given the fact that the workers cannot even read numbers, the last couple of days is when I realised that I have a story or an incident for each apartment where source segregation is implemented. I convey the stories to the workers and help them identify where they need to go that day. For example, one of the workers had inadvertently broken the handle of one of the bins, so I identify that apartment with this story. Likewise, to identify another apartment, I say - the ones where the bins are upside down, etc. We have a good laugh whenever I explain it to them. Small things and stories that make our life fulfilling and interesting, isn’t it!”

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